Easy to use
Since one of the advantages offered by SocialWatching is saving time, we designed the tool in a simple manner, meant to require only a minimum effort on the part of the user. After having defined a tag, one should only set the keywords and press the search button. SocialWatching does all the rest.
Expanded search
SocialWatching permanently searches in over 2 million daily news, blogs, videos and social networks. The more active a news website is, the more frequent we interrogate it, so that no post shall be missed.
Relevant information
SocialWatching processes only news dedicated websites, blogs, twitter, facebook, google+ and youtube. To keep the most useful sources of information our system monitors the most influential social media accounts (with at least 5,000 followers / fans). However, subscribed users have the opportunity to add their own sources of information.
Real time monitoring
SocialWatching continuously monitors useful sources of information. Database is constantly updated with news and information so that searches will display the latest results.
Customized allerts
Once you have defined your subjects of interest and keywords, you can simply choose how to get information. It can be in the dashboard, via email or as RSS.
Empowering archive
SocialWatching can save up to 1 million items of monitored articles during the contracted period. You can archive your articles in the original dashboard, or you can make your own graphics before having been deleted.
Besides standard subscriptions for automatic social media monitoring, we also offer the possibility of manual analysis and even interconnection of our clients’ existing monitoring system with socialwatching.com