SocialWatching’s clients ‘ profile is rich, varying from client status to client approach. Regardless of their professional specialization or business industry, our clients use our tool in order to be daily and properly informed.
Alexander White, Pediatric Dermatologist – "For any respectable specialist in the medical sector is vital to be permanently updated on the latest medical performances. I chose a professional monitoring tool in order to get all special news for latest procedures and treatments in dermatological area."

Lia Robeson, Freelancer, Public Relationships – "Before using SocialWatching, I used to spend a huge amount of time on Internet searches for my clients, on various media campaigns. It is a relief for me to know that I can easily get my media reports only by one click. It spares time and efforts; and I can have the guarantee that no media channel is being missed."
Mediafax, Media Agency – "We have been using media monitoring for several years now. In order to make sure that we deliver our client complete reports on their topics, we have connected SocialWatching to our own monitoring tool. We increased the searching results with over 20%."

GLASSExpert, Glass Furniture Producer – "The consumer market is extremely active and continuously sensitive to new trends and products. Each feature is analyzed and compared, especially by the young end user who has a new sense of information, different and more flexible than the traditional media. Therefore it is a must for us to keep a permanent eye on the social networks and relevant blogs which represent nowadays major influencing sources."