Behind any type of work there is a team; ours is made up of young professionals, most of them with a software engineering profile. We have cumulated over 10 years experience with software programming, along which we had the opportunity to either work in large projects with first class enterprise software solutions, or be involved in software solution development.
In 2005, we designed our fist media monitoring product, developed on client’s request and meant to be a press agency - dedicated tool. Later on, we substantially improved our initial software and introduced new services according to the latest media trends, such as twitter, facebook, youtube, blogs and even dedicated monitoring sites such as

In 2007, we created and developed a new print and online media monitoring tool, for another client, on different premises. The new approach imposed new features and reporting facilities.

In 2009, we started developing SocialWatching and since then we have completed our sources and improved our engine.
We have developed SocialWatching after having gained a relevant experience with media monitoring solutions on the Eastern European market. We built this tool using our expertise, taking into account the usual market needs and requests, and learning from others' previous similar experience.
Our objective is to make SocialWatching a well-known, leading option amongst the social media monitoring solutions for its higher features, for the quality and the quantity of processed data, as well as for its client-need adjustable system.
SocialWatching is held by SolvIT Networks – the major CA Enterprise Solution Provider for East Europe.