INFORMATION is KNOWLEDGE – this is a fact; knowledge is power, that is getting everything you want to get. All you have to do is making sure that you have the right information that ensures a smooth path to success.
WHAT is SocialWatching?
We have created and developed software meant to be a professional media monitoring tool. We invested time and expertise in order to professionally design and build up this product which is able to search, investigate, analyze and sort out information from thousands of news dedicated websites. Since the news world shifted from print to online and to social networks, we dedicated our efforts to monitoring online and social media. After all, it is all about getting the right information in real time, with no efforts from the reader, taking advantage of the latest technology and knowledge available.
WHO needs SocialWatching?
Since our focus is on staying in touch with the latest news, trends and moves, we think that any respectable professional needs social media monitoring. Social Watching is an extremely helpful tool for any company who needs to see market trends and whisperings on the sector of interest or products sold. It is equally a useful tool for specialists who want to have continuously updated information on their interest topics.
WHY do you need SocialWatching?
SocialWatching is about getting the right information and about saving time. Therefore, it is a tool dedicated to searching, analyzing, selecting and reporting news. Using advanced programming techniques, our tool is able to deliver you real time reports on defined subjects and topics, based on the keywords that you have selected and having a higher degree of relevance. Once the keywords are defined, there is no other effort since all news are automatically delivered. It helps you to save huge amounts of time – otherwise spent by using various searching engines and getting only partially relevant and incongruent information.